Rosalía + Lou Reed

Halloween + Mixtapes

You, The Very Good Subscriber

A.S. Frere + Moritz Von Oswald + Mark Ernestus

NTS + Rosalía

Rozi Plain + Burpin' Horses + Jermaine Derpy

A Summer of Listening, Part 3

Ric Ocasek + Shaun Cassidy + Tom Scholz

A Summer of Listening, Part 2

A Summer of Listening, Part 1

Feathers + Lizzy Grant

Hiroshi Yoshimura + Akiko Yano

A Service-Oriented Robyn Post

Robyn + Brenda

Roberto + Jean-Luc

Walmart Rat + Grape Lady + Lil Medic Beats

I Thought I Was Taking Medicine

Redlining + Barry Biggs

Bicycles + Rats + Murder Spa

Ways of Not Seeing + Prince Rogers Nelson + David Lee Roth


Listening and looking and reading.